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Problems come in all shapes and sizes - See below


Viruses: As most computers are connected to the Internet, viruses, spyware and adware all pose a real threat to the running of your laptop / PC- after all, there are over 150,000+ variants out there! Most forms of Antivirus software are only able to detect 70% of viruses, so its common to find a PC with a virus even with Antivirus software installed. Viruses sometomes slow your PC to a crawl while other viruses called trojans, can "steal" information from a computer and forward it to criminals with out the users knowledge. Don't get caught Out !

INFECTION SYMPTOMS include: PC running slowly. Extra long boot time. Pop Up messages while surfing.
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Data loss: Computer hard drives contain vital personal & system files for running the whole computer system. The hard drive is the device most likely to fail at any time, as it is the only electro-mechanical componant that works hard the moment the power switch is hit. As a result, hard drives often fail without any warning. Recently, we experienced hard drive failure in one of our machines despite it passing diagnostic tests a week earlier !! We have also experienced brand new hard drives failing after just 4 months of use, while others can last last over 10 years. We can eliminate problems before they happen by putting good working practice into place. SYMPTOMS may include: Whining from PC case. Strange Clanking sound. Computer freezing for no reason. NOTE: A manufacturers warranty only covers the computer hardware- not the data on it !


Data Recovery: If data is accidently deleted or if the hard drive fails, then we can help! Although we do not offer laboratory facilities, we do offer a vital first step in recovery process that may save you from losing the data forever.
We can often recover data which is corrupted and revive a dead drive long enough to copy over the information needed. We can tell at a glance if there is anything we can do for you and do not charge if we can't help. If the recovery is possible, we are reasonable with our costings too, so you may be relieved to get the data back and pleasantly surprised by the bill.
NOTE: If you lose data then....
STOP - SWITCH OFF PC - CALL US - to ensure your data remains intact.


Network Security: Any PC connected to the internet effectively becomes part of a large network of people whose integrity in unknown . Would you trust any bloke off the street with your wallet ? Well if you have an unsecured internet connection you may be doing just that ! If you have an unprotected wireless (WiFi) connection, its like leaving your front door unlocked. If you have more than one computer on your network then you may be sharing all the information from all the computers with the world ? If a network is not secure, then criminals could hack into your computer, plant a trojan virus which secretly emails all your personal information, every website you visit & all your password details. If you have a router then the criminals may can become your internet service provider if not protected.


Noises: PC's tend to make strange noises the older they get as moving parts start to wear out. Noises are warning signs that something is wrong and should not be ingnored. All computers rely on fans to keep certain componants cool & they are usually cheap plastic units which are prone to wear out. A worn fan will start being noisy when the PC is first turned on from cold... as the days go by, the noise may become louder and sound for longer. Then one day,SILENCE. The fan is now not functioning & the item that relies on the fan will overheat. If you're lucky it will just be the componant that fails, but in the worst case we have seen, a worn fan drew so much current through a power supply that it blew, taking every single componant with it !!! Other noises can be worn CD/DVD or hard drives, so if your PC is / was making any strange noises then it may be time for a health check !


Going Slow: When your computer was new it seemed fast right ? Remember how you were so impressed with how fast it was compared to your last PC? Well it probably still is just as fast, but its most likely running software programmed for a faster machine or maybe it has one of the many Virus /Adware programs hogging all its resources ? As new versions of programs are developed you often find that new features are added and these are developed on and for, newer faster machines. We can often revive an old PC and get to run like a newer one by removing a few software programs and replacing them with ones that are better suited. This will have your PC running fine again.
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