1. Just call Jonathan on 07973 518905
2. Explain your problem
3. Arrange a home/business visit - cost to appraise the problem is FREE.
4. A fixed cost is agreed to fix the problem or we can work onsite for £35 per hour (depending on problem)
5. We arrive... We Fix... JOB DONE !! :)


Computer Repairs are undertaken either on-site (at home) whenever possible, or if things are going to get time consuming, we can agree a capped fee for the job & take the machine away to repair it. We do this to save our customers money because many repair processes are automated and despite a repair time of 4 hrs, only 2 of these require our attention.

NOTE: Our charges for working onsite are £35 per hour. If we need to take your PC away then, if you prefer, you can deliver it to us so that you know exactly where we your PC will be. We will discuss all available options and let YOU decide how you want us to proceed. No Pressure !

HINT: Please make sure you have all the disks that came with your PC to hand in case we need them.....



  • Computer Clean up can take from 1hour- 5hours
  • Symptoms are often very misleading if a virus is present on the PC
  • The events leading up to a PC problem are often key in finding a solution
  • Sometimes the best solution is to save data, reformat and reinstall.
  • Many Warranty repairs via the manufacturer do not safe guard your data


If a PC needs to be fully reinstalled then in order to save time and cost, please have any driver CD's that came with the machine handy.

Internet problems require correct username and passwords for connection & email. Incorrect information will slow the process, which will be reflected in the cost.



Do you sometimes wish that you could click your fingers, then a computer tech would appear to sort out your PC problems for you ?

Well with Remote Assistance you can have problems fixed, data backups done for you, or a whole network of PC's virus checked and cleaned on a regular basis without anyone entering your premises. For £20 we install a secure connection on your PC which allows us access.YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL over when we can gain access. NOTE: You can see when the PC is connected to Octagon-IT and with the click of your mouse you can turn off the program. £20 includes a free remote demonstration to check all is working ok.

Remote assistance costs £30 per hour. Only after you are happy with our service will you be required to pay ! (You need a working Broadband connection to use this service) - Charges easily payable online via PayPal or using your credit/debit card.

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